Sharing knowledge.

In our Construction Competence Forum, the knowledge from research, the results of testing and the experience from consulting join together to form an ideal combination of theory and practice – for the benefit of members and clients!

For many years, construction clients, plant operators, planners, construction contractors and construction material manufacturers have been placing their trust in our expertise relating to concrete, cement, asphalt, aggregates, construction material mixtures and soil.

The key competencies of the FEhS Institute include construction materials technology and construction work, the development of concepts for creating new structures with sophisticated, state-of-the-art construction materials, the repair of structures, complete with repair concepts, construction material testing and quality assurance of aggregates, hydraulic binding agents, concrete and asphalt, and practical environmental protection with a focus on leaching processes affecting construction materials.

Particularly in structures with high requirements for stability, safety, durability and sustainability, it is necessary to take into account technical, economic and environmental factors. A few examples implemented with the cooperation of the FEhS Institute and the Construction Competence Forum will help illustrate this: