We research.

Professional teamwork, cooperation in national and international research projects and standardisation committees, state-of-the-art laboratories, and dedicated quality assurance concepts, guarantee the FEhS Institute conducts practice-oriented research at the highest level – for our members and partners, companies from all over the world, and public clients.



Construction materials, e.g. production and properties of ground granulated blast furnace slag, and its use in cement and concrete
Fertilisers, e.g. effect on soil and plants, new applications, resource efficiency and environmental protection
Secondary raw materials and slag metallurgy, e.g. melt tests, recovery of recyclable materials, development of new products, improving the environmental safety of slag
Environment, e.g. resource efficiency, CO2 reduction, water resource safety of mineral materials
Transport construction (highway and road construction, earthworks, rail and hydraulic engineering), e.g. use in asphalt courses, structural engineering and ecological optimisation, expanding fields of application

A comprehensive overview of our research focus areas can be found hier.